Giclee prints of Interdimensional War-Barons

Image of Giclee prints of Interdimensional War-Barons

Fine art prints of the (at the time of rendering) 5 most powerful Inter-Dimensional War Barons using archival quality paper and pigment inks.

Signed, titled and numbered on the reverse by the artist. These are high quality Giclee prints on Innova Decor Smooth 210gsm paper.

The actual printed area of each image is roughly 140mmx200mm, trimmed with a white border of around 3mm to aid in framing.

1st - Dxfxrecx, Compiler of Glorious Conquests
2nd - Orsbst 80, Trophy Inhabitant and Noble Parasite
3rd - Edgarre, Fearless Assaulter of Aberants and the Unenlightened
4th - Sattra, Destructrix and Wallower in the Blood of the Vanquished
5th - The Mighty Compromise, Thrice-Recondite Military Official