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Image of MAGEBLADE! ZERO - Print+PDF

MAGEBLADE! is a game of fantastic adventures, inspired by the Occidentalist fantasy of Hayao Miyazaki and many, many JRPGs.

Built around a d20 roll-under mechanic, its main features are:

Focus: each character class is focused on one specific ability, gaining by a level-dependent Focus bonus. Fighters get their bonus in combat, Casters on spell power, Rogues on luck, and Mageblades in eldritch combat with they magic blades and in generally awesome.

Low dynamic range: low level are competent, and high-level characters have more staying power and their Focus is better, but not incomparably so. This helps introducing players to the game, mixed level parties and sets a specific tone for your game worlds.

Mana: each character gets mana, which can be spent to activate magic items and to reroll saves. Casters, Rogues, and Mageblades can also spend mana in specific ways.

Perks, Skills and Packages: characters learn different tricks and skills, and start with a different background package.

Magic: mana-based system, compatible with Wonder & Wickedness.

A5, 32 pages, black and white. You will get updates and the final PDF for free, with extra pages of campaigns and tools, as development progresses.