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Pergamino Barocco - Paperback

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In the life of a small-small-small-small-press RPG publisher there are times when substance and content is the only thing that matters. Some other times, instead, it’s mostly about style. Then there are some lucky combinations where both need to be turned up to 11. RPG supplements about spells and magic are usually awfully plain lists of descriptions of spells, all crammed up in as few pages as possible and seemingly written in the driest way possible.

You always wanted your spells to be in a book that looks like a spellbook, feels like a spellbook and illustrated with arcane imagery. Maybe handbound.

The Pergamino Barocco was all that. But since the first edition was handbound, it came to be a little expensive. So we decided to bring it back as paperback and reprint all the content as it was.

Except for the addition of some hidden spells of a qliphotic nature, of course.

VERY IMPORTANT: this is not the handbound leporello edition, but the cheap and cheerful paperback edition.